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Why you can't lose weight and keep it off - and what you can do about it.

Have you ever lost weight, only to gain it back again and more? Or felt like you just can’t lose weight, no matter what you do?

There can be many reasons for this – but 9 times out of 10 it comes down to one of two things:

1. Over restricting:

Taking calories too low, cutting out your favourite foods, and missing out on social occasions is a common mistake – it’s no fun, you make it harder for yourself, and it means at some point along the line you’ll want to “let go a little”. But more often that not, that ends up turning into a bit of a blow out, and you decide you might as well have the weekend off, eat/drink all of this, and then start again tomorrow/Monday. OR, you give up completely and go back to how you were eating before, leading to weight gain over time.

2. Forgetting that weekends count too:

Being good all week, and having an anything goes attitude at the weekend - most often with alcohol, and a meal out/a takeaway. It sounds like this wouldn’t do any harm, but those 3/4/5+ drinks combined with a meal out/takeaway will more than likely have put you in a calorie surplus before you even factor in food that you’ve eaten the rest of the day – wiping out any calorie deficit that you have created by “being good” during the week. And so your weight stays the same week in week out and you feel like nothing works for you.

Losing weight doesn’t need to be difficult. You just need to tackle it right. Getting advice on the best approach for you and your lifestyle, the amount you should be eating, and how to build in the food and drink that you like could be the difference between seeing results and sustaining them, or not seeing results at all.

Our coaches can help with that. And if you need help actually sticking to what you’re doing, we can help to hold you to account to. A small investment will more times than not save you time, effort and emotions in the long run



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