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How to get rid of Tummy fat

Let’s talk tummy fat.

It’s a common thing that comes up in conversations with our clients, and whilst you can’t spot reduce bodyfat (choose where you lose it from) there are things you can do to help.

1. Make sure you’re in a calorie deficit and understand that the amount of calories that your body needs can change. If you think that no diet works for you, the chances are you have set things up wrong, which somewhere along the line means you are eating at maintenance over a period of time, or overeating for what your needs currently are.

2. Concentrate on food quality. Eating good quality food in the right proportions, and getting in plenty of nutrients has a direct impact on lowering visceral fat (the fat that accumulates around your organs when your diet is not so good), and that in turn helps you lose fat and reduce your waist measurements.

3. Moderate your alcohol. Alcohol directly impacts visceral fat levels. Your body doesn’t process the carbs in alcohol like it does with food - if you drink alcohol the chances are you will have higher visceral fat than someone who doesn’t. There is always a way to include food and drink you like so take some time to understand alcohol calories and units and the impact it has on your body, and get help from a nutritionist if this is an area that could be improved in your diet.

4. Be patient. It took you many months or years to gain the fat that you hold on your tummy. It won’t disappear overnight. You need to consistently be in a calorie deficit to lose fat and keep it off. Over restricting often leads to people losing weight and gaining it back again - and when they gain it back it often goes back on the tummy more. A nutritionist will help structure your diet so that you still include foods you like and will make sure your diet is sustainable.

5. Get quality sleep. Lack of sleep is perceived as stress by your body and when you’re stressed you are more than likely to have higher cortisol levels, which will make you hold tummy fat. Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep a night.

If you need a little help getting started drop us a message and one of our coaches will work out the best approach for you.


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