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8 foods to beat PMS

Does your mood change during your menstrual cycle? Do you find yourself feeling a bit low, or flat some days for no apparent reason, and more “normal” on others?

Did you know you can ease these symptoms by eating certain foods, and with supplements?

During the menstrual cycle women’s hormones change – as you reach the luteal phase of your cycle progesterone levels increase, making you look and feel bloated, and estrogen levels start to drop.

This is the stage where you are most likely to fall off the wagon with your diet – carb cravings take hold, and all you want is chocolate. No, you’re not weak willed. It’s all linked to your hormones - in particular, falling levels of serotonin.

There are some simple fixes – without reaching for a bar of chocolate, or 10.

Try starting the day with a small portion of complex carbs (like oats or sweet potato) alongside some protein and fats, like greek yogurt and nuts, or eggs and avocado. Eating slow release complex carbs can boost your levels of serotonin, helping to lift your mood during the day,

without the guilt or impact on blood sugar that you would get with chocolate.

Eat more oily fish, avocado, spinach, brazil nuts and walnuts – all of these are full of EPAs or B vitamins, which naturally boost your mood. Add in blueberries to deal with sweet cravings and give a big hit of antioxidants and you are almost sure to feel better.

Whilst a food first approach is always best, busy lives and tight budgets can make it more difficult to get these foods and nutrients in to your diet regularly. Adding in an omega 3 supplement, B vitamins and a greens drink will also help if you aren’t able to consistently include these foods in your diet.


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