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About us

Our coaches are located in clinics in two locations in Hampshire -  Hamble Le-Rice, and Bishops Waltham. As well as working with people in person, they also coach people online and deliver talks and workshops to businesses across the UK. 

Our approach aims to empower you to understand how to structure your diet, and to help you understand why we make the recommendations that we do. When you work with us we will get you where you want to be in the safest and most sustainable way, whilst also giving you tools and knowledge to manage your own diet in the future. We'll also look at the bigger picture and consider many aspects of your health before we design you a diet based on your individual needs that you can stick to, breaking the cycle of trial and error and eliminating faddy dieting for good.

Our talks and workshops cover topics such as eating for the menopause; structuring diet for optimum health; and improving productivity and focus for employees through nutritional interventions, and many more!


Hamble Le-Rice

Based at Pinnacle Performance gym in Hamble Le-Rice, next to the River Hamble.



Meal plans, coaching and consultations at work, at home, or around your own time. Slots that fit with your lifestyle.

Using a Tablet

Bishops Waltham

Based at Health Space in Bishops Waltham in a holistic health and wellness space on the edge of the conservation area. 


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