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Choose your pricing plan

  • 4 week meal plan

    Every month
    Let us show you what to eat to lose weight for good
    • 4 week tailored meal plan to fit your lifestyle & food likes
    • weekly check ins to keep you accountable and monitor progres
    • initial facetime/video consultation so we understand you
    • 30 min consultation every 2 weeks
    • coaching and tips to help you sustain your results
  • Monthly Coaching

    Every month
    Coaching either online or in person at our gym
    • 121 coaching helps you get the most from your nutrition
    • You'll check in weekly with you coach
    • in person or via video/phone/email/whatsapp
    • Perfect if you want to lose weight or have a health issue
    • Perfect for sports performance goals
    • Perfect if you need to cut weight for a competition
    • We keep you on track and make changes based on what we see
    • Meaning you have nothing to worry about
  • Consultations

    In person, by phone or via Facetime. We cover everything
    Valid for one month
    • 30 minute phone/facetime consultations to improve your diet
    • Whether you know the basics but need a bit of help;
    • Have a health issue that can be improved with diet;
    • Are struggling with hormone issues or menopause;
    • Or just need some reassurance that you're on the right track
    • Our consultations are tailored to what you need
  • Peri/Menopause plan

    Kick start your weight loss and ease your symptoms
    Valid for one month
    • A plan designed specifically for you
    • Aimed at easing fatigue, weight control and hot flushes
    • Gets rid of brain fog and eases anxiety/depression
    • And improves your sleep
    • Weekly email check in with your nutritionist
    • 30 minute online consultation every 2 weeks
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