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Yes, you can eat all of that

healthy food

When I first started my fitness journey I faced constant comments from people about the amount of food I was eating. Everyone suddenly became an expert because they knew I was trying to shape up.

I had one colleague who made a point every day of examining just how much food I had taken in to work with me and making lots of noise about me eating too much to be on a diet. What he failed to realise was that I could eat a huge volume of food and still lose body fat – as long as I was eating the right food. And that really is key to any diet or healthy eating plan.

People very rarely eat too much of the right food – they eat too much of the wrong foods, which means their blood sugars are unstable and they become hungry again within a short space of time. And this is what leads to over eating.

My clients are often surprised at how much food I get them to eat - but the more good food you eat, the less bad food you eat.

If you set your meals up based on a palm size portion of protein (meat, fish, eggs etc.), a fist size portion of veg, a cupped hand size portion of carbs and a thumb size serving of healthy fats you’ll stay fuller for longer than if you ate a sandwich and crisps/chocolate/cake; or a bowl of sugary cereal, or a slice or two of pizza. And you’ll certainly have eaten less calories – leaving more room for more good food.

Importantly, your body will respond by giving you more energy, your hair, skin and eyes will look brighter, and you'll shed any unwanted weight. Who doesn’t want that?

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